Thursday, February 3, 2011

Starting A Blog

Yesterday, I was watching youtube videos. My usual round - My vlog subscriptions. And somehow, I managed to stumble upon a few blogs. And I thought to myself, "Hey. why don't I create a blog, and share my epic wisdom with the rest of the world?"
So, that is what brought me here, seated in front of my spanking new Macbook pro, (It's actually really good, better than I expected it to be) staring at the blank white box.
How do people start blogs anyway?
Do you say hello, and introduce yourself?
No one is reading this, anyway. So I'm basically posting this to myself, aren't I?
Well, hello, myself.
Maybe I should turn this into a sort of blog about everything. Not my life, because my life is actually very boring. No one appreciates the awesomeness that is me.
Well, that shall all change now.