Sunday, September 1, 2013

Austin Percario's Amazing Cover of Roar by Katy Perry

Hi everyone,

Check out this amazing boy Austin's cover of Roar.

I was genuinely blown away!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


I'm homesick.

There, I said it.

I want my L shaped apartment. I want my fat dogs. I want my metalhead brother and I want my ocean view windowsill.

Let's go home already. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Burning little fingers
The tapping of letters 
Though thousands of miles set us apart 
Still burned like a flame 
Not extinguished with distance 
Or time 

A week is nothing 
Days can't erase memory 
Of lonely nights 
And a burning screen 
Of unresolved passion 
And tears flowing freely 

Unaittable yet so bittersweet 
She's far away but so close 
Disappearing into loneliness
A missing piece of this puzzle 
Is only her. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Claymation

The Pains of Having Too Much Work

Something that everyone related to is work. More specifically, too much work. This may sound rather exaggerated, but I am drowning in work. Most of it may be brought on, for I have procrastinated enough to dig my own grave. Either way, I genuinely feel like I have no time for myself - nor my blog. I'm positive I may have lost a few - dozen - readers in the past year, but I can't bring myself to blame them. When is the last time I posted a proper, well-composed post? Feels like a hundred years ago, and may as well be the case. 

Fortunately, my IB readers must understand my pain. For the others, rest assured - I will be making an honest attempt to finish all my work so that I will have time to dedicate to this blog,


How NOT To Have A Fun Summer

1. Party so hard, you get grounded.
2. Party so hard, you get exhausted.
3. Procrastinate so bad, all your summer work begins to stress you out. (And then end up having your trip to France cancelled.)
4. Not work out during the year, so you end up not having a summer-ready body.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

NYU Tisch Summer High School - Filmmakers Workshop: Narrative program.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I got into the summer school program for high school students at NYU Tisch. As you know (or don't, whatever, you're gonna know now), NYU is my dream school (sigh) and so I am super excited about this. It's a five week course that basically schools us on filmmaking techniques as well as, as I am most looking forward to, FCP technicalities.  I'm withholding the dates for security reasons (That makes me feel so cool.) but feel free to message me to find out.

Also, I'm really excited about spending five weeks in a legit NYU dorm. My obsession with NYU seems unhealthy to me, but I am assuming that there are millions of students out there who idolise various universities themselves, and I'm taking comfort in that assumption.

I dream about NYU. Genuinely dream about it, for hours and hours, when I'm asleep. When I'm awake? I stalk the website. I watch NYU-student produced short films on youtube. I do a ton of research, and then when I can't find any more information, i reread all my research, with happy, *I'm in love with this school* sighs. Hearts floating up above my head and everything. It's rather corny, if you ask me.

I can't wait to apply to NYU for real.

Until then, I have my summer school to look forward to!

P.s. Anyone else going to be in New York in summer?

P.p.s. What is everyone doing for summer? Summer school, internships? I'd love to know!



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Claymation Exercise: Facial Expressions

This is just an exercise, so don't mind the short length and lack of plot.

Even if you do mind... This took me around three hours to make, so shut it, thank you very much.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whitewash - Midhaven

This is the song 'Whitewash' by my brother's band, Midhaven. (My brother, Karan Kaul, is the one with the ciggy hanging out his mouth. )

Listen and enjoy! <3 p="p">

My brother would really appreciate it if you left some feedback by commenting on this post.

You can like his Facebook page here, or contact him by requesting me for his email.

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

1. I will stay committed to prior commitments.

2 I will make an honest attempt to study more often.

3. I will never contact those whom I know affect my mental health negatively.

4. I will eat healthy.

5. I will not be concerned about perceptions of me.

6. I will keep my nose out of events that do not concern me.

7. I will be less outspoken.

8. I will spend time with le brother.

9. I will stop spending money frivolously.

10. I will focus on my future.

11. I will stop being obnoxiously optimistic.

12. I will stop being little miss nice girl.

13. I will stop allowing myself to reminisce upon days that can never be relived.

14. I will make an honest attempt to erase my desires to be antisocial or "emo".

15. I will commit to blogging regularly.

16. I will stay strong and detached.

17. I will be organised with everything I do.