Sunday, September 18, 2011

App Inspired Nails - Tutorial.

1. Start with a base coat.

2. Then, paint all your nails white. This causes the other colors to show up brighter.

3. Paint your forefinger a light blue.

4. Paint your middle finger and thumb green.

5. Paint your ring finger orange.

Base colors all done.

6. Now for the design. Draw a white rhombus on your forefinger. Sorry, I have no picture because I just realized the picture is blurry.

7. Next, paint an 'S' in light blue. This is the finished 'Skype' app nail.

8. Next we will do the 'Phone' app nail. Pain the shape of a phone on your thumb. Simplest way to do so - first paint a short diagonal line. Then, draw two squares on either end.

9. Paint a red dot on the top right corner of your thumb.

10. Draw the number "1" in the center of the red circle. (Forgot to take a picture of it - sorry.) This is the finished 'Phone' app nail.

11. Make a large oval on your middle finger. Draw little line from the bottom left side, pointing left.

12. Red dot and the number '1'. This is the finished 'Messages' app nail.

13. Draw an ipod on your ring finger.
- Draw the outline of a rectangle.
- Draw a smaller rectangle inside it, at the top.
- Draw the outline of a circle below that.
- Fill in the gaps, leaving the circle and small rectangle orange.
- Make a smaller white circle inside the orange circle.
This is the finished ipod nail!

14. Paint the top bit of your pinky nail red. Paint only 1/3 red, not half.

15. Write 'Mon' on the red area in white, and write the number '5' on the white area in black. This is the finished 'Calender' app nail. (I'm sorry it's so blurry. My camera was refusing to focus!)

16. Add a top coat to protect your nail design from chipping and to add a glossy shine, and you're all done!

Here are the finished nails:

Tell me if you liked this tutorial, and if you want more tutorials in the future?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quick Post - Broken Nail

I broke a nail!

Breaking a nail is my worst fear.
Mostly because my nails take years to grow.

It's like snail mail.... but snail nail instead.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help my nails grow faster? I don't exactly like my nails looking te way they do right now -

But I don't want to cut my other nails short either.

Rainbows! #3

I never did see a rainbow.
But instead of being all doom and gloom - I've had enough of that, honestly - I decided to, once again, make my own rainbow.
I'm positive that at this point, you're wishing the sky would start producing rainbows already, so I'd quit my cosmetic-rainbows?

Not a chance.
My cosmetic-rainbows shall always make an appearance on this blog, despite how many rainbows I see... Because they've kinda grown on me, yknow?

Plus, like I've said so many times before - rainbows are my love.

Here they are.

I made a seven-colour rainbow this time, as opposed to my pervious rainbow nails which simply had three colours. To be honest, I got lazy there.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shoes I Desperately Want.

Steve Madden's Traisie Blue Suede Platform Pumps.
I love them so much.
They're also surprisingly comfortable, I tried them on at the store. Unfortunately, I had to tear myself away from them, because I really don't think I need another pair of shoes.
Despite how absolutely beautiful they are.

Next one are these.
Hottopic's Red Animal Print Platform Heels
Ive wanted these for so long, and they're finally on clearance!

Hopefully these shall be mine very soon.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cheetah Print Lip Art

Trying out a new thing - Lip Art.
This was the first one I did - A gold and pink cheetah print.

DOn't forget to ask me if you want more!!