Sunday, November 27, 2011

Caroline Costa

I was browsing videos on youtube, and I discovered 'Caroline Costa'.
She seems to be some sort of teen pop star. I tried googling her but everything about her was in french - which led me to assume she was french.
Either way, I think she has a fantastic voice. :]
Check her out on youtube.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Forest Inspired.

Eric Northman is my one love.

Isn't he simply drool-worthy?

True Blood fans will like this. :)

Angry Birds! :)

I feel so silly for not uploading this earlier! This is nearly two months old!
I'm so forgetful sometimes.

Anyway, hope you like!

Vampyre Nails ;)

Yes, i'm currently on a Vampyre high.

Vampyre Inspired Lips

What I imagine a Vampyre would wear on her lips ;)


Just a look I created for Halloween. It's quite old, I know. I'd forgotten to upload it.
Hope you like!

Corset Inspired.

Corsets have always fascinated me. They're so... feminine, And Victorian. And awesome.
SO here is some Nail Art I did, inspired by corsets. :]

Love me some violet glitter!

Zebraaa print.

Love me some nail art. :D

Tigerrr print ;)

What's sexier than Tiger Print?

Tiger Print on my lips. ;)

Comment with some lovee :*

Watermelon kiss.

Hello my lovelies :)
I have another lip art for you. Hope you like it -

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I'm starting to love studying the German language.
I wish I could continue next year.

Ich liebe Deutsch!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Busy doing nothing.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much.
I'm starting to have a really tough time, lately. My mind is really busy, but I'm not doing anything productive. When I should be.
I used to be so confident about life and myself and what I was supposed to do, but now I just feel lost, distracted and unmotivated.
My brain seems to have switched off, as well. I should be using my time to study but instead I'm being consumed by thoughts that don't make sense half of the time.
Anyway, the point of this rant was just to apologize for being MIA most of the time. I hope I haven't lost any followers because of my lack of posting.
I really hope you will understand.
I promise I will try to get my life back on track soon, and you will get your posts again. Soon. Hopefully. :]