Thursday, June 27, 2013

Burning little fingers
The tapping of letters 
Though thousands of miles set us apart 
Still burned like a flame 
Not extinguished with distance 
Or time 

A week is nothing 
Days can't erase memory 
Of lonely nights 
And a burning screen 
Of unresolved passion 
And tears flowing freely 

Unaittable yet so bittersweet 
She's far away but so close 
Disappearing into loneliness
A missing piece of this puzzle 
Is only her. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Claymation

The Pains of Having Too Much Work

Something that everyone related to is work. More specifically, too much work. This may sound rather exaggerated, but I am drowning in work. Most of it may be brought on, for I have procrastinated enough to dig my own grave. Either way, I genuinely feel like I have no time for myself - nor my blog. I'm positive I may have lost a few - dozen - readers in the past year, but I can't bring myself to blame them. When is the last time I posted a proper, well-composed post? Feels like a hundred years ago, and may as well be the case. 

Fortunately, my IB readers must understand my pain. For the others, rest assured - I will be making an honest attempt to finish all my work so that I will have time to dedicate to this blog,


How NOT To Have A Fun Summer

1. Party so hard, you get grounded.
2. Party so hard, you get exhausted.
3. Procrastinate so bad, all your summer work begins to stress you out. (And then end up having your trip to France cancelled.)
4. Not work out during the year, so you end up not having a summer-ready body.