Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

1. I will stay committed to prior commitments.

2 I will make an honest attempt to study more often.

3. I will never contact those whom I know affect my mental health negatively.

4. I will eat healthy.

5. I will not be concerned about perceptions of me.

6. I will keep my nose out of events that do not concern me.

7. I will be less outspoken.

8. I will spend time with le brother.

9. I will stop spending money frivolously.

10. I will focus on my future.

11. I will stop being obnoxiously optimistic.

12. I will stop being little miss nice girl.

13. I will stop allowing myself to reminisce upon days that can never be relived.

14. I will make an honest attempt to erase my desires to be antisocial or "emo".

15. I will commit to blogging regularly.

16. I will stay strong and detached.

17. I will be organised with everything I do.


  1. The commiting to blogging has to my fave I fully support you with that and the obnoxiously optimistic is mine as well
    Happy New Year Kim

  2. Happy new year Kim

    You probably wont remember me but im Ryan, we met a few years ago playing on Yoville and really started talking and getting to know each other but then lost touch,but i always remembered you and you name as i enjoyed talking with you

    1. Hi Ryan!

      It's nice to see you on my blog.

      How are you?