Monday, November 12, 2012

The KimHatesThis Tumblr

I must remind you all: I created my tumblr because I know there some people out there that wish to speak to me/ask me questions/ask me advice. A lot of them have tracked me down on Facebook and messaged me there; I usually don't mind this, but if they're related to my blog whatsoever, I'd really rather prefer it if you use the 'Ask a question' feature on my tumblr instead.

That is actually the one reason I created a Kim Hates This tumblr: to facilitate more interaction between me and my followers.

Please do use this feature!

You can ask me anything at all. The subject I get messaged on the most by my followers is the whole coming-out-of-the-closet process and how to do it. The second most asked subject is how to express themselves without being ostracized/how not to care if they are.The ones who took the initiative to ask me those questions without a prompt such as this post were quite brave indeed; but I encourage such questions! Don't be afraid of offending me - as long as you aren't downright insulting me, I don't get offended easily.

Here is the aforementioned tumblr:

(Quite easy to remember eh?)


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