Monday, November 12, 2012

Nail Extensions + Ombre Nails

Hello, my lovelies.

I recently got nail extensions done. It took over an hour to get done, an hour of absolute boredom, and while they sure looked pretty and whatnot, I have deemed nail extensions to be not worth it. If you have had faux nails/extensions put in before, you know exactly what I'm talking about: just how much of a, pardon my needful language, pain in the ass they are.  I am in no way one of those dainty, look-but-don't-touch girls. I am clumsy, hands-on, and unnecessarily rogue. I simply couldn't function with these damned nails on! Mind you: I've had long nails before, unimaginably long. But they were mine, and somehow that makes a world of a difference. In any case, as as expected, the nails slowly began to grow loose, like a tooth back in my pre-pubescent days, and being the fidgety person I am, I couldn't help but fidget with them until they eventually all fell/broke/got pulled off.

Oh well. Although brief, it was an enjoyable experience that I now know to stay a million miles away from. 

The plus point is that before the fell/broke/got pulled off, I had the opportunity to beautify them the way I do best: nail art! Although quite simple, an ombre of colours on a nail looks surprisingly elaborate and pulls any look together. For this particular one, I used shades of pink, purple and blue.


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 P.S. My mother was frightened of my nails after I'd demanded them to be filed pointed: she'd said it'd reminded her of talons. In addition, the unusually pigmented ombre coupled with these 'talons' reminded her of an exotic dragon waiting to devour her. 

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