Tuesday, February 28, 2012

sniffles and love and happiness.

I'm quite excited. No, scratch that. I'm very excited. Actually, I'm more happy than excited. Wondering why? Well, everything in my life is good. No, everything is great. No, that's inadequate as well. Everything is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICALLY UNICORNS-SHITTING-RAINBOWS AMAZING.

But what's NOT good is that I'm sick. Horribly sick. Sniffling-sobbing-coughing-and-dying kind of sick. I also skipped two days of school because of that. Which is the worst thing to do ever, because I really can't afford to miss school. Not in year 11, with hardly a month of school left before my igcse's. And especially not a Monday and a Tuesday! We have most of the horribly difficult classes on these two days. Missing them is like digging your own grave. So.. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. I'm probably gonna get a whole lot of cover work to dramatically drown in.

To top it all off, I have a lot of assignments that are due in, and I haven't exactly.. finished.. them. I had a math project due in Monday, which I managed to finish at 2 am Sunday night despite being horribly sick (I was planning to send it in to school. Who knows? Maybe I'd need to submit it despite being sick.) but then after emailing my teacher Monday morning, he told me to bring it when I recovered and came to school. What a waste of a good night's sleep.

I also have this cartoon analysis due in for History. Truthfully, it was due in last Wednesday, but I had this breakdown in school (happens more often than not :/ ) and had to be sent home. (That's a story for another time, though.) So I never ended up handing that in. Not that I had anything to hand in, though. I hadn't exactly done it. I hate analysing cartoons. I mean.. they're not exactly super hard. But they just eat at my brain. I hate trying to stare at these cartoon characters on a page, drawn by some dude who is surreptitiously commenting on political situations through drawings. I know what you're thinking. Wow, how creative of him. But you know what I'm thinking? Stop drawing so I can analyse a WRITTEN source, please? But to no avail. No one listens to me, no. I still am being forced to analyse stupid cartoons. I know I should have finished this assignment and handed it in already. Tomorrow, my History teacher is going to murder me. She's real awesome, but when she gets mad, she'd frighten the pants off a professional wrestler. She makes you want to:
a) hide under a table,
b) burst into tears
c) run away, or
d) all of the above, simultaneously.

But I can't be blamed for not finishing it. I have so much on my mind lately. I can't focus on my studies. At all. I'm just.. thinking so much.

That's not my fault, either. I seem to have fallen in love. Again. I know what you're thinking. Really, Kim? You want to go through all the drama of falling in love again? But you know what? Shut up. Falling in love with someone new has caused me to finally, finally, finally get over my ex boyfriend. Finally. (That really needed to happen. It was way overdue. It should have happened last year. It should happened the second I started dating him. Hell, I never should have fallen for him. *sigh* ...But it did happen. But now? I can just forget about it and pretend it never happened so whatever.) I swear, I didn't think this could happen again. I had honestly thought he was it. But I'm very glad to know he isn't. And I really, really, really like, no, love this other person. God. Writing it down, it just sounds so... real.

I would love to talk about who I have these feelings for. But I'm going to wait a bit before I reveal any hints about 'em.

Anyway.. I hope you guys still follow me.
Hope you haven't given up on me because of my complete lack of posting.

If you have, have unfollowed me, you probably can't read this, but whatever. I'm ruining my own moment.)

If you haven't... I LOVE YOU. MARRY ME? <3

(Actually, no. There is already someone I want to marry. But whatever.)

(Good lord, I ruin a lot of moments.)


(Why do I say that word so much? I sound like a sad little tween who can't think of anything else to say.)

(....Eh. Who cares? Whatever.)

(I shall shut up, now.)

(Stop typing, Kim!)



(*drags herself away from her laptop*)

(*runs back and presses publish*)

(*drags herself away again.*)

xoxo children,

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  1. Is Ms O'Shea your history teacher or someone new?
    Anyway good luck with all your work and controlling your emotions :)
    You don't sound like a sad tween don't worry the ending is quite funny. Good night to you to mama

    1. It's still her :)
      Thanks so much, lovely <3
      Night, child!
      xoxo, kim