Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cherry Blossom Nails

Cherry Blossoms are beautiful, and I love the colours. The combination of pink and white is so feminine, but the black brings in a dash of something spicier.

Here are Cherry Blossom Nails, with just the right amount of glitter to make it pretty-ful.

I started off with a simple white french manicure. Then, using a black polish and a thin brush, i drew on the black branches. Next, with neon pink I drew the flowers and added dashes of white in the center of the flowers to give it more depth. Then, using another clean brush, I mixed the white and pink together on my nail to take away any harsh lines. I finished with a coat of glitter polish (small glitter particles, not the chunky ones.) :)
Don't forget base and top coats!

I am going to attempt creating a Cherry Blossom inspired eye make up look. There will be a lot of pink and white involved, obviously.
Look forward to that for next time!

Feel free to comment with requests/your opinion!

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