Sunday, June 10, 2012

New tattoo!

Hello, my lovelies!

Today was a very eventful day. It started with me going to Body Canvas, a tattoo parlour, in the afternoon with my brother and one of his band members. We huddled together and discussed tattoos, each of us wanting one. After a couple hours of, yawn, discussion, we finally got down to business! 
I was the first to get tattooed because mine was the smallest. Having already gotten a tattoo, I wasn't really afraid or anything - so I hopped up on my chair with a grin, holding back the excitement threatening to bubble over! It was so hard to keep still. 
I got this tattoo on my wrist - the pain level was significantly higher than my first tattoo (on my thigh), but it was bearable. Of course, only with the help of a few curses and a lot of teeth-gritting.

Work in progress!
As he neared finishing, I was near tears and wanted it to be over already! But he began touching up the edges (which looked perfectly fine to me!) , and I was cursing him some...*ahem* colourful words in my head. (sorry, love you!)

What freaks me out the most, is the redness after a tattoo is done. Plus, it was all swollen and disgusting...but it was my new baby, and I loved it already!

It's amazing, and I love it! I want to thank my tattoo artist for doing a bang up job of my sexy tattoo. His name is a Vikas Malani and he has an amazing tattoo parlour. If you need a tattoo and live in Mumbai, i'd recommend checking them out at
He did both my tattoos, as well as my nose piercing, and he's done a great job.

He's a swell guy, and I wouldn't have wanted anyone but him to tattoo me!

If you have any questions about my tattoo, don't hesitate to ask!

xoxo children,

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  1. I'm really glad that your tattoos are helping keeping you happy woah you didn't tell me about your nose piercing?? you know when you said you were getting a tattoo on your wrist I was really concerned about how much it would hurt I'm glad you got through it with only cursing in your head and not out aloud . Wait so you got it on your left wrist right? are your exams over yet or still going?

    1. haha i'm sorry i didn't tell you about my nose piercing, i must have forgotten :)
      yep! its on my left wrist.
      exams are OVERR, hell yeah.

  2. hi
    i like the new tattoo it must hurt soo badly

    1. it definitely hurts, but it's worth it!

  3. woah I just re read the post and realized and beautifully punctuated it was #random