Friday, December 30, 2011

Big Bounce Shadows.

I went to MAC today. Last time I was there, I noticed their Big Bounce Shadows and I really wanted one.
I ended up buying two, though.
The Cool Elite, a pearly white with a shimmery finish.
Extra Charged, a dark olive green with blue shimmery bits.

They're not that big. They're decent sized. Bigger than MAC's powder eyeshadows but smaller than say, their blush. Around the same size as their paint pots.

I hadn't really bothered swatching, or even opening them in the store, because I was in such a hurry. So I just grabbed them, paid and left. 
So when i got home and opened them, I was surprised at how... pretty they looked. I didn't wanna dip my brush in them! They looked good enough to be eaten. (Well, not literally.)

Extra Charged

The Cool Elite
Once I swatched them, though, I was terribly disappointed. I found the formula far too thin and it looked extremely washed out. It took several layers for the colours to actually show. And considering my skin colour, it looked even more washed out.

Here it is with just one layer.
Couple more layers.

The only way to apply this would be with a brush. Using your finger sis extremely messy, product gets everywhere and slips and slides all over your lid, causing uneven coverage.
As you can see, applying this with simply one layer is not enough, as it hardly shows up. 

Overall, I was extremely disappointed in them.
In my opinion, it was a waste of money, and I would have been better off buying MAC Paint Pots.
It's a real shame, because the colours are beautiful and I love the shimmery shades.


  1. a well written descriptive review well done haha

    sorry I'm a bit hopeless but what are those things

  2. thanks :) and theyre cream shadows.