Sunday, January 29, 2012


Created a purple themed look. I realized some people find it hard to wear purple without looking like they got punched in the eye. That's where I come in! :)
Here is the eye look-

I have a tutorial for you, now. Hope it helps!


  • Prime your eye. I used Two Faced's Shadow Insurance. 
  • Darken your eyebrows. 

  • Using a berry purple eyeliner, draw a line in the direction of your eyebrows, almost as if you would join it but stop halfway.

  • Using the same liner, draw a line in your crease, stopping before the inner corner.

  • Apply a light rose pink all over 2/3rd of the lid.

  • Apply a warm pink all over that, but stopping a little more than halfway into the lid.


  • Using the same eye liner, draw the outline of a larger wing, extending it further than the eyebrows. The previously draw 'V' should be kept intact. (I drew the wing later because I wanted the 'V' to be visible when I was filling in the darker purple)
  • Fill it in with a berry purple shadow, following the shape of the 'V' but blending away the sharp edges.


  • Using a darker purple, go over the wing but stop 2/3rd in. blend with the remaining berry purple.
We're now finally done with purples and pinks. So far, starting from the inner, it is a light pink, a warm pink, a berry purple and a dark purple, respectively. Make sure they're blended seamlessly. 

  • Blend in a yellow in the inner corner. Blend it in the light pink really well, or it looks harsh. (In this image, I hadn't blended it very well. Later, I realized my error and blended it in further. But I'd advise you to blend it in well from the start.
  • Using upward sweeping motions, fade yellow out from the top of the wing, make sure to blend it upwards, and not get any on the purple wing. 


  • Line your eyes. (I used a gel liner) 
  • Create an eyeliner wing along the line of the purple shadow wing. Like a miniature wing inside  a wing. Wing-ception!

  • Apply false lashes and mascara, and you're done with the eyes!
11.  Face: I used a dark berry purple to define my cheekbones, and applied a rose pink blush right above that, and a peachy pink on my cheekbones. 

12. Lips: Black Lipstick, with berry purple blended into the center of my lips. 

Don't they look awesome?

All done! :)

Hope you liked it!

P.s. This isn't wearable, fi you haven't noticed already. Well, maybe the eyes, if you tone them down a little. Does anything want another eye look similar to this but wearable? 


  1. Hey! You are so good at make up! Can you do a tutorial with warm shades of gold, brown, bronze and cream mixed together? Also toned down a bit? I love it!
    Annie D

    1. yes, of course :) a daytime look? i'll do it xx
      thank you so much :)