Monday, September 3, 2012


I just got back from a school trip to Igatpuri. When I first hear that we would have to, *gasp*, trek, I nearly fell over. I am horribly unfit, and I strongly dislike events in which I must show the world that weakness of mine.
The trek was horrible and I complained throughout. On one of the treks, I actually made my bus wait for 20 minutes because I took so long getting back. But some parts of it were surprisingly fun. For instance, I bonded with a ton of people. I'm definitely more comfortable around my classmates and shared a few heart-to-hearts.

The ex boyfriend and I had a bit of a fall-out (aka him pretending I don't exist for unknown reasons), but I've lost count of our many fall-outs over the years so it was barely a blip on my radar. But while it didn't bother me per se, I can't deny that I spent a fair amount of time wondering what goes through his head.

Other than that little complication, everything was great (besides the fact that I scraped up my hands because of all my slips and falls). In case you're wondering, I only fell because we were trekking and I am horribly unfit, not because I am a klutz. Although those two are related... Holy crap. Am I klutz?

Anyway! A few highlights of the trip:

  1. I tried to catch a chicken but I failed.
  2. I was bare-faced.
  3. I discovered that I have feelings for someone completely unattainable. (Oh, unrequited love, please don't bother me this year.)
  4. I did my friend's nails.
  5. I bonded with a ton of classmates, as well as seniors.
  6. I managed to not die.
  7. I had an epiphany.
  8. I danced *gasp*
  9. I made some new best friends.
  10. I managed to not get in trouble for "inappropriate" clothing.
  11. I did not break a single nail. (although there was a fair amount of chipping. Damn rocks.)
  12. I broke out like a motherfucker. Change of climate really makes my skin horrible.
  13. I somehow survived without wifi.
  14. I spent majority of my time in pajamas. Yes, I even went to dinner in pajamas. I'm that cool.

All in all, it was great trip, and I can't wait to go for it again next year.

xoxo children,


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  1. what happened in your epiphany (I don't know how to phrase that)

    1. Well, you could say "What was your epiphany about?" :)

      And it was just about life - what truly is important and what isn't.

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    1. I'm sorry, but that is an inappropriate question.

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  4. Who are your new besties? :)