Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Helpin' out

Tuesday was a really interesting day. Well, not all of it (especially not the bit where I had to go to school and sit through excruciatingly boring lessons)
The interesting bit I'm talking about happened after school. A 12th grader asked me to help her out with her Art project
In case youre wondering what it's about, here is what she says -

"I'm doing it for art, my theme is fire and in the piece I'm depicting anger. 
However, I'm trying to concentrate on today's teenager and how each individual is different, and feles in so many different ways - but it all comes down to that one emotion: anger.
I'm planning to do four different individuals depicting different anger for example, Ayesha will represent the anger that comes with pain."

Of course, I agreed to help her out - why wouldn't I? You guys know I always jump at the chance at doing someone's makeup. Especially for something as cool as an art project.

The aspect of anger she was focusing on was Pain, and she asked me to give Ayesha (the 'model', but really just another 12th grader) a just-bawled-my-eyes-out look. Of course, considering how i wear my warpaint nearly 24/7, I've had my fair share of tear-streaked faces. I just recreated the me I'd seen in mirrors after a sob-fest.

In case you're wondering what i did exactly, I will outline it:

a) I applied foundation and the works on her face

b) Using a bronzer, I contoured her jawline, cheekbones, and nose

c) I applied a peachy blush (Melba from MAC, also my all-time favorite for Indian skin because it compliments it so well, while looking very natural) on the apples of her cheek, and a similar but slightly darker shade (From Bobbi Brown, name unknown, but I can find out if you'd like) above her cheekbones

d) I created a black smoky eye similar to the one you can find here, only darker. I was considering doing something slightly more complicated (I originally had planned a cut-crease) but I decided to leave it simple and not do the cut crease because:

  1. I didn't want to take too much time (I apply makeup super slowly)
  2. Her brows would have to be done too in order to go with the cut crease, and I will honestly tell you I am horrible at doing brows on other people.
  3. A well-blended, smoky eye would suit the whole 'anger' theme more than sharp, angular lines.
  4. No time.
e) Using black cake face paint, a pointed foundation brush, and a teeny tiny bit of water, I created a tear-streaked face for Ayesha. If you guys want a tutorial for this, post a comment! I think it would be super fun to create a tutorial for this.

f) I left her lips bare, which was actually a mistake. I only noticed this while the photoshoot was about to take place, but I didn't stop them and fix it because I decided that the whole bare lip (gasp!) looked raw. Her lips were two-toned (not in the lovely ombre way, but in the natural two tone your lips have which is usually corrected) but, like i said, it appeared more raw this way.

Here is the infamous look:

Here are some photos of Aashna taking photos of Ayesha - PHOTOCEPTION!!!!!! (Lmao, I'm fun)

Oh, and I have no clue who the guy is. I think he's just some random guy who decided to watch... Yeah, I'm just kidding! He's Karan, and he owns the camera that Aashna is holding. He's another 12th grader.
(Don't you love his loafers? I do.)

Here is a group photo of the four of us. 

Yes, I am aware that is blurred and not very nice. In our defense, it took us five minutes to find someone who was willing to take the picture for us - we got turned down twice and it was quite disconcerting. Fortunately, we found someone willing to undertake the oh-so-complicated task of clicking a photo... but that turned out to be a fail too, because he apparently had no idea how to operate an iphone.

In any case, it was a fun experience. Her project is not completed yet, so there might be more posts like this one for you to look forward to!

xoxo children,


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