Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gotham City Sirens review + New tumblr

As most of you already know, I am an avid comic book fan.
My favorite comic book so far is the Gotham City Sirens. Why, you ask? It's simple, really. There are three things i look for, and love about superhero comics:
a) Villains,
b) Bad-ass women,
c) Detailed costumes.

And the best part? GCS has all three!

Selina, Harley and Pamela, banded together in one kick-ass comic book series - What's not to love?

Issue #11 had the best cover, in my opinion. I felt like it encompassed all of their talents/powers: Catwoman's cat-like agility (and her ability to use a whip like it's part of her body), HQ's crazy ninja acrobat moves and Ivy's uncanny ability to control plants.

Here are some of my all-time favorite bits from the series:

1: (Right after escaping from being nearly killed by Gaggy, who was impersonating Joker)

I love this, because it's so typical Harley. Her crazy love for 'Mr J' always made me smile. 

2: (Gaggy explaining his story)

The artwork here is amazing. It is a lot of information on this page, but it's delivered without having too many words. Also, look at the way the images are displayed in different shapes - a diamond, a spade, and a club. They're all perfect in keeping with the Joker theme on this page. 
Also, look! Joker's car! 

So i hope you all se why I love this comic series so much. I would have placed a few more bits that i love, but there were so many, and I didn't wanna drag this post out too long.

So instead, in order to express my love for this comic, I created a tumblr devoted solely to GCS.

Check it out:

Oh, and please tell me if you like these kind of posts, ones with reviews about things unrelated to beauty, in the comment box below.

xoxo children,

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  1. OMFG you love gcs HOLY CRAP I LOVE YOU suddenly your the coolest person ever out of all the things Im obsessed with I never thought the thing we'd have in common would be comic books that too GCS woah love the tumblr the problem in england is they dont tell gcs to kids and I have to sneak read them in the library cause the librarian knows Im under 16 urghhhh yeah do more posts like this :)

    1. haha i didn't know you were into comics! I'm majorly into comics!
      Alright, I shall do more posts like these :)

  2. also do you know missglamorazzi and fleurdeforce you seem like the kinda person who might I ran into them in london no photo or autograph to prove it I was in a rush which was annoying cause I wanted to meet Joey Graceffa and I dont actually watch beauty videos but they said they were doing a kind of haul video together so look out for that

    1. Yeah, I love those two! It's great that you met them.
      I met r1ssky in NYC, and we spoke for a bit and stuff :)

  3. sorry my final comment I was dared to go on someone's blog and to annoy them by telling something useless that they really couldnt care less about I'm really sorry but its the one dare I dont mind doing so here I go Im in mumbai right now