Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 London Olympics Nails

Hello, lovelies. It's time for the Olympics!

I love watching the Olympics. Maybe it's because I like competitive sports, or maybe it's because I'm not the slightest bit athletic myself and am living vicariously through athletes on screen? Either way, I enjoy the Olympics, and that's all that matters, yea?

Anyway, here are the nails - Hope you like!

Let me know if you'd like a tutorial.

xoxo children,

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  1. love the new background I agree the olympics are way too much fun to watch they're even more amazing when you go to actually see the events the olympic park is amazing

    1. Im glad you like the background. My blog really needed a makeover and I think it's perfect now :)
      Oh, I wish i was in your place! The olympics are awesome.