Thursday, March 24, 2011

Without The Odd There Is No Awesome

Well, hello. Again. After a month. Or two.
Or was it three?
I don't remember.
Oh well.
Might as well start with a new slate.
And an introduction, which I have not done yet. 
How should I start this?
I'm Kim. Short name, I know. People always ask me if it's my full name. Which is kind of silly, because if I'm formally introducing myself I would give my full name and not anything else. In any case, even after I tell them that it is my real name, they still insist that it is not. That just angers me further. I mean, really? I think I know my own name. 
I'm also fourteen. Another thing people do not believe. Apparently, I do not look fourteen. Another thing that angers me. So what if I don't look my age? If I say I'm fourteen, believe me and shut up already.
I don't really have a lot going on in my life, so I'm not sure what to actually talk about. What can a fourteen year old pessimist have to talk about, anyway? Hmm. I'm going to have to think about that.
Actually, I think I may have the solution to that. Although I don't really talk to people much, I watch everyone. It's kind of like a creepy hobby of mine. People-watching. 
Don't get creeped out and leave yet. It's not in the stalker way. It's just in the... Is there another way? Well, it's in my way.
It's kind of what leaves me interested. I get bored really easily. Of everyone and everything. I barely even started this blog and I'd gotten bored of it already. 
So, as I was saying, before I rudely interrupted myself, it's what interests me. Watching people. Not eavesdropping, though. Again, that bores me. People and their conversations. No, I like to simply watch them do what they do. Sometimes, I make up a conversation. I put the words in myself. Build up a whole life from two strangers, even though I don't know whether they're siblings or dating or friends with benefits. 
You might find me odd. That's okay. I'm completely fine with people finding me odd. I quite like it. It keeps things interesting. It's like what I told my ex-boyfriend-that-I-shall-never-get-over. I said, you're different, but hey, if you're not different, then what's the point? 
Weird is good. Weird is fun. So I'm not afraid of being weird, or different, or, and I quote, a "total whack-job." There's just nothing... Amusing about being normal.
That's what life should be. Amusing. 
Fortunately, it is. Life is odd.
Odd is... Well, it's awesome. 


  1. U little freak!! ur intro is like.... how to put it??? AWESOMELY AWESOME!!