Monday, July 4, 2011

I hate baggy dresses.

Okay, I don't hate ALL baggy dresses. I mean, I'm sure there are people out there that really need them, like pregnant or obese women. In that case, ignore my pointless rant.
Baggy dresses. REALLY? I just don't see the appeal in them.

I was at Zara today, shopping with Amy, another diligent Zara worshipper. Zara was on a super sale right now, and of course, I can't resist a sale. I'm like a moth to a fire. Or a lamp. Or a bright object. Or whatever it is moths flock to and burn in. (In this case, it's burning a hole in my wallet.)
So I'm standing in line for the trial room, bored out of my senses and people-watching (as usual) when I see this woman with the figure of a bikini model pick out this hideously large, baggy dress that cut off right at mid-calf. That's another thing. I hate dresses that cut off at mid-calf. Even if you have fantastic killer legs, they still make them look stumpy. Why, why, why would people wear them?!
Anywho. This woman picks out the dress from the pile of smushed together discarded dresses. Totally expecting her to put it down with a look of disgust, I was about to turn away. But then she shocks me - She SMILES, and checks the price tag!
Oh, the HORROR!
And then, if my mind was not already reeling from the mind-numbing shock of someone SMILING at a baggy dress, she... She joins the line to the trial room! The dress in hand!
I must have stood there gaping with my mouth wide open for about ten minutes. (Or, okay, ten seconds. Whatever, tomato tomaato)
And then later - yes, I was watching her. No, I'm not a stalker - She BOUGHT IT!

I don't get it.
If you can fit into this -

Why would you wear this? -

...I honestly do not understand.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! ur post's are always entertaining!!! <3 that woman is probably somùe old fashion freak!

  2. nice posts kim...(from a purely literary perspective cause i have absolutely no clue of what ure tlking abt.... :P)
    oo and i liked the pictures...nice touch...makes the blog interesting!!

    oh and remember....50% of all this is mine...MINE I TELL U....MINE!!!!!!

  3. Lea - Haha, thank you, and I'm pretty sure she was!

    Ritini - Thank you.. And no way! You simply gave me the motivation to continue this blog... Doesn't make half the credit yours!! Maybe 0.5%...

  4. I told Ritish about the blog do I get some credit :)