Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MIA? Sorry.

Okay, i know I haven't exactly been blogging much lately.
I have my reasons for that!
a) It's summer. I really do nothing in summer besides hang around doing absolutely nothing productive. Not much to blog about there, hmm?
b) While writing a, I completely forgot what b was.
c) I seem to be in a whole other world lately. It's nice out here, all rain and sunlight and butterflies and monopoly and flowers and movies and tons and tons and tons of makeup.
Just so you know that I am not completely useless, I shall inform you that I have been writing blog posts. It's just that when I read them over, I find them much too offensive to post. Somehow I end up criticizing (it took me five tries to get that word right. After the fourth try STILL having a red squiggly line underneath, I gave up and googled it. Who knew it was spelt with a 'c' and not an 's' in the middle? Interesting.) someone or the other. Desperately not wanting to offend someone - as I'm trying this positive (shitty) outlook on life where I'm nice all the time to every-effing-one - I just gave up.
This be-nice thingy is probably the worst decision of my life. Do you have any idea how hard it is? I've lasted quite a while, surprisingly.
Although I must warn you - stay away from me when I'm PMSing. All my pushed down bitchiness seems to bubble over. I once threw a shoe at someone when in PMS rage. (Fortunately she was better at ducking than I was at aiming.)

Oh, and also. This blog post is dedicated to Nayonica, because she's the biggest follower I've had, and I love her support. Thank you Nayonica!


  1. hear that Ritish I'M her biggest follower ME and way aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah The OWNER THE BLOGGER OF THIS BLOG GAVE ME A SHOUTOUT THANK YOU THANK !! :) love the new you sitting logo thing

  2. Haha Ritish can never be my biggest follower... Although he was my motivation to start this blog, I doubt he'd like the makeup and nail posts, hmm? ;)
    You're welcome... I appreciate you diligently following this blog! It's my present motivation.