Friday, July 1, 2011

Wonderrr Woman.

MAC's limited editions always fascinate me. And their Wonder Woman limited edition items were just as interesting.

Unfortunately, I'd sworn not to purchase any more makeup unless I finished what I already had.

But then this happened -

Themyscira Opulash.

The colour is intense and shows surprisingly well. It really compliments a light blue eyeshadow, and brightens up a natural makeup look.
It gets slightly crumbly, though. I found THAT out when my friend pointed out little blue specks under my eyes at school. So it's not exactly long-wearing mascara.
Look how blue!

(How awesome are eye veins? They fascinate me.)

Normally, I wouldn't go for a coloured mascara. But one look at this amazing, intense colour (and, of course, the awesome packaging) and I couldn't help but indulge.

And then... Well, I indulged some more...


This is the Wonder Woman Lipglass, in bright red with soft pearl.
I love it! It's annoyingly sticky, though, but what lipgloss isn't? It's perfect for when you dont feel like a red lipstick, but still want red.

It's also glittery, but not TOO glittery, like a tween's lipgloss. Which is REALLY hard to find... believe me, I've looked!

So err...Despite me having no pocket money left for this week... Yay!

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