Monday, July 11, 2011

Rainbows! #2

Three days have passed, and the sky is still devoid of rainbows.

I desperately want to glimpse one. Hopefully it will bring colour to this dull, boring summer.
One thing I've noticed, is that despite how down your mood can be, a rainbow always puts a smile to your face. Maybe it's all the different colours. Maybe it's simply the thought of two different elements of nature that cause a beautiful spectrum of light to appear out of nowhere, in the sky. Maybe it's the thought of the mysterious pot of gold that is supposedly at the end of the rainbow ;)
Did you know that it is impossible to reach the end of a rainbow? A rainbow is just an optical effect, so you can never really find the location of the end of one. Interesting, huh?
That's one of the reasons why I love rainbows. They're so breathtaking, and I love the mystery that lingers around those bands of colour splayed across the sky. A rainbow never looks the same to anyone - it always appears different! No matter how often you see one, when you have the good fortune of stumbling across the sight of one in the sky, you're still mesmerized.

So once again, I created my own rainbows!

Here is a closeup, in case you'd like to observe my magical (I wish) nail art skills ;)

I hope these rainbows brightened your day, like they brightened mine.

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  1. i like your nails i like rainbow 2 its awesome

  2. your nails are awsome let alone the nail art your are awesome anyway when do we get to read more writing cause I was wondering not to seem like a push or anything :)

  3. Thank you, Nayonica! And yes, I DO plan on writing soon, haha. I've just been busy and not motivated, really. But they're coming :)