Tuesday, April 19, 2011


There are so many times in my life,
When I question everything around me.
Is it a dream or is this my reality?
Everything seems so unrealistic and imaginary,

Sometimes I pause and think,
In the middle of a conversation,
In the middle of a beautiful afternoon
In the middle of tear inducing laughter

In those rare meaningful moments,
I somehow float away from my body,
My vision turns blurry and my breath escapes me,
And I’m filled with disbelief at the beauty of it all

But sometimes, when my thoughts turn dark,
In that split second of the moment,
I feel like a ghost, someone that doesn’t belong.
Somebody who meant something once,
But doesn’t, anymore.


  1. Hi I don't usually comment on your blog but I've been noticing compliments on other poems and not this one which shocked me and this is my personal favorite poem ever way better then all the old days poems I supposed to like they bore me you see. So I thought I would be the first on the blog to say wow mesmerizing poem that line in between tear inducing laughter I don't know why but it's genius so keep writing your a winner :) Nayonica

  2. Thank you, Nayonica! I really appreciate the comments :)
    And this is my favorite poem of mine too, so I guess we have the in common!